Order Processing

Bitrun develops customised Purchase Order Processing software solutions, fully tailored to meet your business requirements.
Our Order Processing software will enable you to quickly and easily track and manage all your purchase orders. With real-time information you can quickly and easily know when deliveries are due, and by which supplier.
What’s more, our Order Processing module can easily be integrated with our Inventory Management modules. With tight integration with our Inventory module your stock levels are immediately updated each time goods are received.
Using our pre-built base module, we can simply tailor the data fields, field names and data format in a manner that meets your specific business requirements. And, if required we can easily add any additional fields. With us, you get the full solution!

Benefits of Our Order Processing Module

Easily customised to meet your business requirements.
Provides one single comprehensive overview of all your past and current purchase orders – storing real time information that you can quickly and easily access.
Flexible and can easily accommodate future growth and changes - can be easily modified as your business needs change over the coming months and years.

Overview of Our Base Purchase Order Processing Module

Our Purchase Order software has been built with all core fields to fully capture all details of each purchase order. Our base fields for our Purchase Order module include:

Supplier Name and full supplier details
Purchase Order Number to uniquely identify each order
Product Ordered and Product Description
Delivery Date – Each purchase order is given its own delivery date so that you can tell your supplier exactly when you require each delivery.
This means that you can buy stock in, just when you need it, to accurately match your upcoming
Customer Orders and Production Schedules.
Quantity Required
Purchase Order Delivery Date
Total Purchase Order Value