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Why Customize

If your software doesn’t meet 100% of your management needs or if you are wasting considerable time recopying information into an Excel file or other external program and wasting even more time correcting the errors between the two, you should seriously consider customization of your accounting application. Customization of your accounting application will allow you to obtain valuable information instantly without other intervention, eliminate a search for important documents, and considerably reduce business rules that require a serious investment in time or that can cause errors of judgement.

Custom development through The SAFE Accounting

Without being a programmer, you have the possibility of adjusting The SAFE Accounting software yourself in order to more closely match it to your business reality. Many internal functions can be activated or modified through application parameters. In addition, access rights, the interface, and preferences can be defined by the user.

Would you like to modify printed business forms such as invoices, customer statements, etc. or filter certain reports so that they only contain the exact information your company needs (such as only those transactions produced on a specific date)? No problem! The SAFE Accounting contains all the tools and wizards needed to get it done.

You’re not quite comfortable with the idea of modifying your software yourself? You’d like some help with it? Don’t hesitate to contact us. The Bitrun trainers and technicians are here for you.

Share your ideas with us

You have an idea about new functionality that could be helpful to The SAFE Accounting users? Please jot down your ideas and send them to us. We will be delighted to add them to the development suggestion list for the coming versions of our software. The SAFE is always pleased to hear your suggestions!

For queries/demo, please contact on 9323658369,9920402369 OR email your requirment to
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