The SAFE Excise Software has proved in maintaining an accurate & Error Free Central Excise Registers.This can be done for Dealers and Manufacturers in a single company. Expenses/income can be apportioned for calculation of assessable value, either by Value or by Quantity. A single Excise Invoice book can be maintained for all purposes of removals. An option lets you maintain multiple Excise Invoice books as well, generating the serial numbers as a single running series.

There are lots of features which are described in detail here. Application Feature

Very simple and easy to use windows based software.
Excise Invoice Printing
Calculation of Excise Duty on the basis of MRP/Abatement etc.
User Defined Subhead And Percentage of Excise Duty like 9%, 16% etc.
Auto BOM (Bill of Materials)
Automatic duty debit (Debit your duty just on Single Click....... No Processing nothing........) Front Office Documents
Cenvat Credit ( Cenvatable Inputs / Capital Goods/ Imported Goods)
Excise Invoice (with / without Progressive amount)
TR-6 Challan (with TR6 Challan Printing)
Service Tax Credit And Debit

Some of the Documents Available among others-

Daily Stoc (RG.1)
Modvat Register (RG.23A-I)
Modvat Register (RG.23A-II)
Modvat Register (RG.23A-I & II)
Modvat Register (RG.23C-II)
Trading Register (RG.23D)
Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
Goods Returned (Am exure A)
Removal of goods for job_work
Reciept of goods for job_work
Reciept of goods for repair,etc [form V]