In the competitive world of the 21st century, customers insist on variety. It makes no difference what you sell — clothing, accessories, footwear or sporting goods — working with a complex inventory with numerous features such as color, size and style can tax an ordinary order entry and inventory systems. Because manufacturing and distribution must handle numerous and diverse models of each design — including multiple sizes, colors and finishes — a significant burden can be placed on accounting and business management applications.

Bitrun Business solutions have the following features to help you meet these requirements.
Robust stock management completely incorporated with sales and finance
Multiple price list functionality that produces complete gross profit calculations for clothing and stock lines
MRP completely integrated with Purchasing (and finance) as well as Stock control to make sensible and responsive stock re-orders and purchasing forecasts possible
Ability to integrate with point of sale and bar code scanning technology
Color size matrix functionality so stock can be seen be it in the warehouse or on the shop floor at any time
Integrated production module connected to MRP module to create responsive garment production. Advanced manufacturing options can also be obtained
Inherent landed cost functionality for imported goods with relevant costing attached

The SAFE can provide clients with a completely incorporated Item Matrix. The Item Matrix makes tracking and controlling inventory quick and simple. It integrates with Order Entry, Purchasing and Inventory modules flawlessly and because the user interface is intuitive, sales staff can find and select SKUs during sales and purchasing transactions swiftly.